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Things To Do Near Malaga
23 Jun 2018
Walk the Camino Del Rey. Head North of Malaga toward El Chorro and spend the day near the lakes and mountains and walk the famous Camino Del Ray (which means the Walk of the Kings). This name was given to the daring route after King (Rey) Alfonso XIII walked it in the nineteen twenties. The El Chorro Gorge is an amazing place, with huge walls of rock as high as four hundred metres along the whole of its three kilometre length. The seven kilometre foot bridge was built in the early years of the twentieth century but was closed for many years. It was re opened in two thousand and fifteen after being extensively and expensively renovated and made safe. But it is still a heck of an adventure to walk along it. Book your tickets at the official El Chorro website. The price is a very reasonable ten euros per person for a unique and unforgettable experience.
Spend time with a top class high end escort. The Marbella area welcomes some of the most stunning and desirable escorts Malaga has to offer during the summer season and you would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity to call one of the escort agencies such as Elegant Escorts and arrange to spend time with one of the fantastic escorts that they represent. Obviously prices vary depending on the girl that you want to meet and exactly what kind of sexual service you are looking for. The average price is a very reasonable two hundred and fifty euros per hour for a unique and unforgettable experience.
Visit the Botanical Gardens. 5Km North of Malaga are the La Concepcion botanical gardens, which are some of the finest in Europe. The area of 19th century farmland became a country home at the end of the 19th century. La Consula is now home to a specialised and recognised vocational traind centre and 12.5 hectares of gardens, fountains and belvederes which are open to the public. While you are there, visit the Garden cafe (La Concepcion) which is an amazing setting for a small meal and a cool refreshing drink after a stroll around the gardens.
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