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The Casting Couch
21 Aug 2018
In the era of the studio system in Hollywood, beautiful women were just assumed to be available to influential men for sex. for sex. And most of them were. But is today’s world any different? OK, Hollywood is getting the #metoo and #timesup movements but that is really just rich and powerful women telling rich and powerful men that they will not put up with their shit. It has not exactly reached down to society in general. I would suggest that in many ways the expectations of women are the same or even lower, and the choices that many women make are the same as those of the starlets in the 1950s, but for far smaller reward.
The Casting Couch

I am not talking about the professional high-class escorts working in places like Geneva for escort agencies such as Elegant Escorts in Geneva. Those women have made the same choice that women have made since the beginning of time; exchanging erotic capital for financial capital. And good luck to them. Being a buy stromectol scabies online is a conscious decision that brings benefit to both parties involved. And does no harm to anyone.

Where it gets more morally ambiguous is among the women who would blanch if anyone accused them of being a sex worker, but will happily spend the night with a man in return for a meal at a good restaurant and expensive tickets to a nightclub. Or the women who continue to have sex with a man that they feel nothing for, or even dislike, because he buys them great handbags and shoes. Or those “celebrities” who have their phones “hacked” and their sex tapes released to a bored world. One tip; upload it to the cloud in an anonymous account and give it a unique password. End of problem!

In today’s world would Marilyn Monroe have gone down those routes? I am sure she would. But it would have been a clear headed and conscious choice and she would only have done so to deliberately further her career. Not just so she did not have to get a real job. Being Marilyn was a real job.

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